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Welcome to the Move Partner Blog

We've got your back when it comes to your fitness business. From marketing advice and top tips from our fitness providers to interviews from key players in the industry, you'll find it all here.

How To Craft Great Emails 1/3: Great Email Subject Lines

Posted by James Charles

Learn how to craft great subject lines which break through the noise of a member’s busy inbox and show them why they should open your email.

Why Some People Find Exercise Harder Than Others

Posted by TED Talks

Why do some people struggle more than others to exercise? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors: Vision.

How To Craft Great Emails 2/3: Write Engaging Emails

Posted by James Charles

Ok, so you obviously read the previous blog post – your subject line was great and lots of your members have clicked through and are now about to read your email. But how do you ensure they actually do and they reach your call-to-action (CTA)?

2 Proven Ways to Drive Your Members Towards Cancellation (and 6 More to Really Annoy Them!)

Posted by James Charles

How do your daily operations affect member experience and can something as simple as not being able to find a parking space cause a member to cancel?

Leveraging Member Feedback to Promote Your Club

Posted by Chris Werte

If you have happy customers, they can work in your favour and help you spread the word of your business. There's nothing better than word of mouth and personal recommendations to expand your attendances... 

Why Should You Listen to Member Feedback?

Posted by James Charles

With over 2 billion active accounts on social media worldwide, as at January 2015 according to We Are Social, and more and more websites making customer reviews a key part of their online offering, consumers can now quickly and easily share and view feedback before making even the smallest decision.

A 3 Minute Guide To Collaborative Marketing

Posted by Alister Rollins

We're always on the look out for ways to expand our reach and promote our business, without eating too much into our marketing budget. But what are the best and most effective ways of doing this? 

What Is A Flexible Membership?

Posted by Alister Rollins

If you are not already aware the biggest change to the industry in 2016 is predicted to be Flexible Membership providers.