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What Is A Flexible Membership?

Posted by Alister Rollins

If you are not already aware the biggest change to the industry in 2016 is predicted to be Flexible Membership providers. 

We, MoveGB, are the largest provider of these programmes. There are two models:

1) "Groupon-esque" style -  you sell these providers your excess capacity classes at a low price in the hope you can convert the users who attend into your members. Be careful with schemes that have subscription models as you may find the customer never converts to you and you are just offering cheap entry.

2) The Move model - you sell passes/membership at a sustainable rate - more like a corporate account. Customers are high value and long term customers. 

See below for our infographic that explains the Move Model in a little more detail!


Topics: Insider, Marketing

Written by Alister Rollins

Alister Rollins

Alister is passionate about growing the health and fitness industry and making it easier for people to live a healthy, happy life. He is the founder and CEO of Move and has spent his entire career in the industry, previously being the founder and CEO of The Retention People (the leading provider of loyalty and member experience solutions). As one of the world leading authorities on fitness customer behaviour and trends, he is always exploring the latest innovations to bring to the sector.

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