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How to sell your fitness classes online

Posted by Justin Mendleton

If you’re a fitness class instructor, then finding a way to sell your offering online could well be a much higher priority right now... Like a lot of our independent instructor community, you might have seen your income drop off a cliff. You may well also be part of the unfortunate section of the self-employed community who don’t qualify for any of the government’s measures of financial support...

Well, there is some positive news. Hold on in there.

How to sell your fitness classes online

Thanks to COVID-19, the market for online fitness classes and home workouts has just exploded - and it was already rapidly growing. It’s so big now (25% of the UK’s population are now reported to be engaging in a home workout routine) that if you don't have a way to sell your classes online, you’re losing clients and revenue every day. 

When this situation blows over, the popularity of online fitness classes is sure to continue to grow but we also expect a huge interest in returning to group classes in person. We expect customers and instructors to adapt to a mix of these, reaping the benefits of both.

It is highly likely that your current clients and prospective clients are looking online for options to suit them, especially during lockdown. That means they’re looking for you.

Exploring the world of virtual fitness

Whether you rent a studio space or find another way to provide a facility in real (non-virtual!) life to your clients, as much as that can be brilliant, it can also be prohibitive. Your customer base and recurring revenues are restricted by your location and your bricks and mortar as much as they also drive them. But opening up your services online suddenly drives a new route straight through these barriers.

The other barrier that is now broken is the tyranny of the schedule. How many people have you spoken to in the past who wanted to take up your classes but either couldn’t fit into their busy schedules or lived too far away? What about those previously loyal customers who moved away? They’re back in sight now too.

Choosing the right platform to deliver your services online can help you test your market, expand your reach, develop your own brand, and refine your instructing skills no end. You just need to be discoverable. And easily discoverable.

Well, don’t worry, we’ve got your back with Move At Home. 

Signing up (it’s free!) will give you access to over 200,000 Move’s customers on the UK's largest live-streaming workouts network. Not only that, but the more your customers attend your live-streams, the more presence you have.

As an instructor, you can concentrate on what you love and we'll take care of  the rest.

That means your live-stream setup, receiving bookings and payments, as well as health and safety contracts for customers. We know, from years of working with independent instructors, the number one priority is to deliver brilliant classes that customers love and find beneficial. 

The Social Connection

One of the other things we know that our instructors value above all else, is the social contact with their customers and fellow instructors.

Friendship networks often flourish as a result of regular class meet-ups and instructor crossover. Live-streaming is great because even if you happen to have restricted movement, you can still incorporate that social element.

And not only that, but suddenly the social group is now from places all over the country, not just your local ‘hood! Because it is a more valuable service in that regard, instructors are also able to charge a little more than simple pre-recorded (on-demand) classes too. Bonus!

Getting set up is really easy:

First, create your classes. Once you’ve created your account with MoveGB, it's simple to create and schedule classes.

Second, simply share the classes with your customers. You do this by promoting your personal live-stream page to them. We’ll provide all the links and assets you will need so no worries there.

Then, start getting bookings from customers and getting paid! Oh, and we'll also handle your health and safety contracts for your insurance. No problem.

Turn that income tap back on

Here’s a little sample of what some of our independent instructors have experienced since pivoting or signing up to Move At Home:

“We’ve seen THREE TIMES the number of @movegb members accessing our #TheHiveLive 45 classes each week, from all over the UK.”

"It’s a great way to expand the membership of my classes and particularly now in lockdown. The help to people like me who put on fitness classes is superb”

So, if you’re a fitness instructor or business that hasn’t given this a go yet, here is a really easy way to do it that is brimming with potential and opportunity for you. 


Turn that income tap back on

Topics: Activities, Marketing

Written by Justin Mendleton

Justin Mendleton

Justin is MoveGB's Commercial Director and has over twenty five years' experience in the health and fitness industry with particular expertise in growth marketing and customer retention strategies.

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