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3 Ways Facebook Can Help Your Business

By Alister Rollins November 19, 2015

Here's 3 of Facebook's powerful advertising tools you may not be aware of!

1. Lead Generation Posts

Brand new for 2016, these are advertising posts that appear in the newsfeed of the potential customer but with a very smart CTA (Call To Action) button. This button is linked to the person's Facebook account so provides you with the quality lead data you want e.g. name, email etc which can be sent to you with the simple click of a button. The potential customer never has to leave Facebook and you don't have to worry about creating landing pages to collect their data. 

2. Retargeting

Facebook retargeting allows you to only focus on people who have already hit your website and then converting them with engaging Facebook ads that appear in their newsfeed. You can also exclude people that are already in your database so you can be sure you're getting new leads. 

3. Videos

Video advertising was the biggest hit on Facebook this year and a very powerful media you should be using. Don't reject videos because you think that you need a big budget to make them - many businesses are getting great results from simple, professional looking in-house videos. Here's our guide to help you get started...


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