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Flip Your Induction Process into Your Sales Process

By Alister Rollins November 19, 2015

Most operators have developed different variants of a member journey over the last few years.


As well as facilitating delivery of a great customer experience, we know that there are clear retention gains for doing so. For example members who visit 4 times or more in the first month of membership stay on average at least 13 weeks longer than members who don’t achieve this visit frequency (Winning the Retention Battle Part 2, 2001, p11, The Fitness Industry Association – now UK Active)

As the world continues to move towards "freemium" acquisition models, the consumer is expecting more for free. Delivering your induction experience to your prospects for free is a great marketing hook, and produces increased conversions and retention in one fell swoop!

The days of the 1 day guest pass are, quite literally, numbered. 

Offering an extended free trial…
- Produces better conversions
- Improves your marketing cost of acquisition
- Can cost you nothing to deliver
- Is simple to implement (you just apply your existing health club processes earlier in the journey)

See our infographic on how this could work for you business



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